Happy Holidays Everyone!

I will be back in the new year with more food, fun, and I’m sure foodie related quandries.

Here’s to a great 2009!


I think this is the last one…

Christmas kind of came too fast this year, what with Thanksgiving being later than usual, so I have run out of time and steam in the cookie run this year. The last cookie is one I love, it is a refrigerator cookie with pistachios, and instead of cranberries, this year I decided to go with dried cherries. I used the kind that weren’t sweetened, and I love the result!


More cookies!

These are a surprise hit from the Reader’s Digest Cookie Book (though why at this point I doubt anything contained therein I do not know).

They are a curious combination of melted chocolate, coconut cream, flake coconut, and lemon and lime zest, added to a typical drop cookie dough. I think these are my favorite of this year’s cookies.

Tropical Chocolate Drops


Ack! Christmas is sneaking up on me!

But I have more baking to do, amidst the gift buying, wrapping, and trying to keep Leocat from destroying my pretty white Christmas tree…. maybe next year we can put ornaments on it again without fearing masses of broken glass….

On to tonight’s cookies!

These are from the King Arthur Flour cookbook, and they turned out great. The batch of date squares is primarily for my mom, as they are her favorite. Vlad’s favorite are blondies, so these are primarily for him 🙂





Two more cookies…

One unfortunately did not photograph well, but the other did!

As per usual, I made my own personal version of Pheffernuesse (see last year’s entry), with no Szechwan peppercorns this year, but with fresh ginger. They turned out lovely, but my camera ate the photo, and the cookies have been since distributed 😦

I also make some oatmeal shortbread, from a recipe in Martha Stewart’s first cookbook. They turned out lovely, and I added some almond flavoring to them as Vlad’s favorite flavor for sweets is almond, so I don’t expect for them to last too long either 🙂


Cookies four and five!

Double duty tonight!

Actually, I made the dough for these in advance, but they are refrigerator cookies, so they got baked off tonight. For these I used Martha Stewart’s basic recipe for shortbread. I like that it uses confectioner’s sugar, something about the little extra cornstarch and the finer sugar gives them a sandy texture to die for. It is a recipe I turn to every holiday, or whenever the urge for shortbread becomes overwhelming 🙂

Poppy Seed Shortbread


Its rectangular shape became a little irregular on baking, but I still think they look lovely.

Mocha Shortbread

These I actually baked like bar cookies in a pan, so they are more even, and the mocha flavoring is not too overpowering, so they are good kid cookies too.


Three! Three Cookies!! Muahhaha! (best Count voice possible)

Our next installment in the cookie extraviganza is actually an everyday classic, with a twist.

I used the Tollhouse cookie recipe (doubled, as I tend to do for holiday cookies), but added pecans for the nuts, used chunks of Ghirardelli chocolate for the chips, and steeped the sugar with the zest of two oranges overnight before making the cookies. Needless to say, they are delightful, soft but not cakey, the orange kissing the cocolate and elevating them from after school to holiday fare.


Now if I can keep the roommate from eating them all before the holidays are here and gift baskets have been made!